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Short code is getting more popular these days due to its easy-to-remember point. This tool is mostly used for feedback mails and to generate leads. In the service process, the service taker gets a keyword from the short code service provider. The keyword is a kind of unique identification for that service taker’s shared short code. For example, if company ABC chooses a keyword like ABCX than their every message will start from ABCX and blank space. These keywords help in recognizing the incoming messages and forward it further to service taker’s account.

• Customers find it easy to remember which trigger more communication.
• Response rate is quicker than any other marketing tool.
• Easy to analyze customer response and conversion statistics.

Generally short codes you get to see are of 5 digits such as 12345 or 56567. It is also a kind of SMS marketing tool that helps companies to stay connected with the consumer market. The easy 5 digit codes are easy to remember which help customers to remember it without any hassle. it offers direct connection to customers in terms of conducting Contests/ Survey, distributing information about Lucky Winner Draw, Bids, making Product Enquiries and for Lead generation.

At Pertinax, along with all the above features, you also get continuous customer support. Whenever you get stuck with your messaging services, you are free to contact us to get faster short code solutions. Business with us is an experience of strong ethical and corporate values that you will appreciate. Our services are prompt and business terms are transparent which helps our valuable clients to get the best services.

• We offer Unlimited Sub Keywords to choose from.
• You have the option to customize your auto-replies for unlimited times.
• One free auto response for all incoming SMS.
• We offer lowest rate short code services that no other does in the industry.
• SMS responses are easy to forward to your URL.
• We offer two-way messaging services as well which help in easy customer communication.

In internet you might get a long list of short code provider but with Pertinax you will get the unparallel services. We are the most reliable Short Code service provider in this area who offer guaranteed services.

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